Senior PHP Developer - WordPress Expert


Milan, Italy

From February 2015 until now

I develop plugin for Wordpress and website/webapp based on Wordpress;
integration into Cloud solutions architecture on Amazon Web Services;
Use of NoSQL database (Elasticsearch) for site search;
Application caching based on memcache (W3 Total Cache);
content delivery integration ...

Training of junior developers


Senior Developer

ASP Golgi Redaelli

Milan, Italy

From September 2011 until September 2014

At the IT Service office I developed web/standalone application in PHP and VB6, using reporting tools such as Crystal Reports and RAQreport. Developing further customization of third-party software in JSP environment.
Business process design in a dedicated workflow environment where I developed on JSP platform interacting with third-party or internally developed applications and web applications.
Design and management of Oracle databases, MS SQL and MySQL servers in datacenter environment on VMware vSphere and on local machine.
I created, managed, and used virtual machines on VMware vSphere, and locally even with VirtualBox (for development purpose, in this last case).
I provide software/hardware support via remote desktop or VNC to company users in a fleet of more than 500 PCs.


Senior PHP Developer

Triboo Group - TBuy

Milan, Italy

From April 2011 until July 2011

Developing on Magento e-commerce framework


Senior PHP Developer

Digitechno srl

Bari, Italy

From November 2010 until January 2011

Easy development, web based software for menu compilation of banquet facilities and catering service.


Senior PHP Developer

71 srl

Monopoli (BA), Italy

From March 2009 until November 2010

Front-End Development of portal, as member of development team, in PHP 5 and MySQL environment.

We realized two versions of the front-end.
For the development of the first version of the portal, whose code already existed in part, I had to adapt myself to a old-fashioned development model that the team had adopted, without making use of framework and specific IDE, but JQuery for client side programming.
I also developed in AJAX, for some specific needs of the project manager.

In the second version, unlike the previous one, it has been made use of an object-oriented framework internally developed and with use of ZendStudio IDE and NetBeans. The MVC pattern was used slightly modified in such a framework, as there were less restrictive rules.

A very relevant activity was to develop a specific porting tool for MySQL db model used to support a back-end custom application by third party. This tool was primarily intended to make a porting data from external databases, from Excel or text file, to finish at MS Access.
Through the use of a page called at regular intervals by cron daemon, porting was (and is) done regularly to enable database updating via ftp from third party external text file based db.


CEO & Founder

Il ReteGiornale

Bari, Italy

From March 2008 until February 2011

Community journalism portal, based on crowdfunding, as an experiment taken by another similar project based in San Francisco Area. Main goal was quite ambitious: raising funds for beatiful and quality better reportages, whose title was determined by a community bid, even aimed to reach the request budget.
Started on March 2008, and kick-off on July of the same year, "il ReteGiornale" (italian for NetNewspaper) was quite popular very soon, reaching 150.000 visits/month on January 2009.


Senior J2EE Developer


Bari, Italy

From August 2007 until December 2007

SAP XI interfaces developing (XI side) with J2EE for FIAT Sapiens - PowerSap project

Starting from the functional analysis of individual interfaces for SAP XI environment, which acts as an intermediary between the SAP R/3 and legacy systems of Fiat dealers and industry suppliers, I developed dozens of interfaces using SOA SAP NetWeaver software and ZEUS (specific software developed by IBM) as a tool of interfaces and integration channels monitoring.
The development took place in a special setting with successive migrations, after testing and debugging, in the staging environment, which were carried out stress tests, and finally into production.
At the end of development of each interface, it was prepared a technical analysis of the same and often I had to interact directly with the functional analyst for the possible corrections and with the R3 side ABAP developer.



ITC "C. Vivante" - Bari

Bari, Italy

From September 2006 until September 2006

Professional training course I.F.T.S. n. 55 "Expert in product marketing with internet marketing" cradle approved by the Apulia Region dated 11.11.2004 with resolution no. 595 and the School Council resolution no. 240 issued on 12.20.2004
Professional Front Teaching in "Design and Management Websites".


Senior ASP Developer


Bari, Italy

From November 2006 until February 2007

Classic ASP developer for IBM-ACG website

Development of some parts of IBM ACG-site, in particular admin panel.
Management and maintenance of the site for the period of cooperation.


Flash Developer

ITC "G. Cesare" - Bari

Bari, Italy

From May 2004 until July 2004

PON project Mis. 1 Az. 1C - 1.1c-2004-84 Code "I am a tourist guide"
Training activities and creation of a multimedia CD-Rom and related website.



ITC "P. Nervi" - Altamura

Altamura (BA), Italy

From November 2003 until March 2004

Lecturer in webmaster course for students of the Institute


Web developer - web designer - Lecturer

ITC "D. Romanazzi" - Bari

Bari, Italy

From September 2002 until June 2007

In this long period of collaboration with the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale "Romanazzi" Bari I have developed a few websites, cd-rom multimedia and web based applications using ASP and Flash technology. I also lectured at various webmaster courses, targeting both teachers and students of the institution.

Some works:

The "Archipelago" project, was honored in 2010 by the jury of the competition "A School of Innovation - Innova School", promoted by the Ministry for Public Administration and Innovation and the Ministry of Education, University and Research in collaboration with Forum PA, as overall winner in the category "Materials for raising awareness on social, cross-cultural, environmental, equal opportunities and topical."


Lecturer - Tutor

CEPU srl

Bari, Italy

From January 2001 until July 2002

Lecturer and Tutor in webmaster - webdesigner courses




Bari, Italy

From January 2001 until December 2015

Developing web applications and portals, mainly for web, making use of the main technologies currently available. As owner, I covered all the main functions in software development, from analysis to debugging and testing, passing, of course, by
development of the actual code, with or without the aid of RAD/IDE framework and other tools, also including graphic/layout design requirede.

Beside analysis and developing function, I did project and sales management.