Senior PHP Developer

71 srl

Monopoli (BA), Italy

Da Marzo 2009 fino Novembre 2010

Front-End Development of portal, as member of development team, in PHP 5 and MySQL environment.

We realized two versions of the front-end.
For the development of the first version of the portal, whose code already existed in part, I had to adapt myself to a old-fashioned development model that the team had adopted, without making use of framework and specific IDE, but JQuery for client side programming.
I also developed in AJAX, for some specific needs of the project manager.

In the second version, unlike the previous one, it has been made use of an object-oriented framework internally developed and with use of ZendStudio IDE and NetBeans. The MVC pattern was used slightly modified in such a framework, as there were less restrictive rules.

A very relevant activity was to develop a specific porting tool for MySQL db model used to support a back-end custom application by third party. This tool was primarily intended to make a porting data from external databases, from Excel or text file, to finish at MS Access.
Through the use of a page called at regular intervals by cron daemon, porting was (and is) done regularly to enable database updating via ftp from third party external text file based db.