Project name: MyRisk

ASP Golgi Redaelli

Senior PHP Developer - Architect

Da Maggio 2013 fino Ottobre 2013

Intranet software development, focused on management of personnel risk mapping in a hospital setting, with access restricted mostly to officers/employees of the Prevention and Protection Service and for doctors.

Starting from a version with limited functionality, realized in MS Access by internal personnel, it needed normalization in many steps of the previous db, and then later data migration to new version.

Application stack involved a LAMP configuration but the database used in reality was a MSSQL Server. This solution was due to a pre-existing configuration where the Oracle database, where resides the SAP master data of employees, was connected via direct link to a MS SQL server, where the same registry was available through a view always in sync.

Choice of such db had a direct consequence: develop a specific database driver, in addition to those at the lowest level existing and available in the open source community, to fully exploit the functionality of the HMVC framework ( Rapyd) used for software development.

On the other hand, several important changes were made to the framework itself, which was an open source project, and work in progress of a former colleague of mine, at the time of the project.


MyRisk dashboardMyRisk dashboard for risk indexMyRisk dashboard: history and contestual helpMyRisk users dashboardMyRisk Sap registryMyRisk users registry page-detailMyRisk modify users registry: activitiesMyRisk users registry: searchMyRisk users registry: contestual helpMyRisk modify ActivitiesMyRisk: Excel export of a search in Sap registryMyRisk users registry: risk list pageMyRisk users registry: med valutation pageMyRisk users registry: med valutation pageMyRisk users registry: med valutation print pageMyRisk users registry: print pageMyRisk platform users registry and contestual helpMyRisk Activities: search pageMyRisk users registry - activities correlationMyRisk Activities list pageMyRisk Risks list pageMyRisk med valutation list pageMyRisk fitness' types listuser permission: search pageuser roles list pageMyRisk platform users list pageRole permission list pagerole permission: search pageuser permission list pageProfiles: search pageuser profile: modifyMyRisk Risk insertMed valutation: search pageMedical card; print page of a searchHistory clean-up alertHistory list: search pageExcel export of historyPlatform users registry: modify and contestual helpexposition index: search page