[cml_media_alt id='81']nick_bass[/cml_media_alt]I am a software engineer and I write professionally applications for the web, but not limited to,  from the far 1999. In my long career I have studied/applied various technologies, from Classic ASP to PHP, via J2EE and C#, some of them for only a limited number of projects, others, however, are a fundamental part of my core skills.

In recent years I literally keen to design patterns and MVC/HMVC and its related, struggling now to do without it. Initially skeptical of the use of first frameworks as they come to light, I have become a regular supporter, although aware of the increased complexity introduced in an application context, which is not always necessary and sometimes even harmful …

However, frameworks are now fundamental to code development based on a TDD/BDD approach and adhere to best practices in programming.

I’m extremely curious of everything related to new technologies, with a strong focus on those strictly related to software development, my bread and butter … such as IoT, specifically Raspberry/Arduino and beacons, and all the wonderful world of drones, whose name alone will shine my eyes … 😉

In my free time, planets and constellations amaze me every time I can get out to observe the sky with my modest telescope, allowing ailments, or with the simple aid of a laser pointer and an astral map.

Last but not least, my beloved music … as you can see in my profile pic…

Secret Daydream: to build a multi-million dollar startup.

Welcome to my world…


Notice: If you are amazed by the simplicity of the site … cheat a reason.
It is not my intention to surprise you with special effects and cotillons 😉