Hire me

If you came this far, you’re probably interested in an expert.
No need to repeat what I can do, most of it is already described in the Experiences and Projects Section.

If you are a recruiter,

you it is for an agency or directly to the company looking for staff, I think you would please propose in the link to my CV in Word format (you know … this is the format that you want, not deny it …).

European format CV updated on September, 1, 2016 (in Italian, soon in English…sorry)

If you are a venture capitalist and/or Business Angel,

contact me in private by the Contact page. I have a few secret ideas that are waiting to be taken into account by someone with “balls” right to make them real.

However, it will be always an opportunity to make us a nice chat, maybe in person, seated at a table in a local around the center of Milan to take a drink or a coffee.